Open source is the future

At Fabulor, we believe that an open, transparent development process and a clear focus on the needs of users and customers results in a better solution.

Open source code means just that—you get full visibility into the code base, as well as all discussions about how the community develops features and addresses bugs.

By working ,with partners like Nextcloud and Rocket.Chat, in the open within and with the wider developer- and user community, development is sped up, quality improved and alignment with needs of users improved.

Our solutions are developed based on:

Privacy and security

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right of a secure communication. It’s the main motivation behind all our products.

User-centered design

We honor people’s time and mental load. That is why we make Nextcloud easy to use.

Open source

Everything we do is 100% open source. We do not do open core or proprietary extensions.

Open standards

We use and support open standards as much as possible. We don’t lock people in to proprietary formats. You can import and export everything.


We are building decentralized products as alternative to centralized platforms. Our customers can choose what they want and where they want it.


Working in the open with a broad community leads to better results. We trust our community and empower them to take ownership over what they contribute to and have as much access to and control over it as legally and practically possible.

Open Source Software (OSS) is a critical enabler of IT agendas. Organizations increasingly turn to OSS to power digital transformation and to drive efficiencies, flexibility, and interoperability within their marke

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