Omnichannel Live Video and Chat Engine

How Retail Storey leverages
to scale up personalized customer collaboration

  • 97%

    Customer engagement satisfaction

  • Faster time to market

“The main reason why we chose Rocket.Chat and Fabulor
was the flexibility to work with the code to build upon it to a very specific need that we have.”

Roberto Simi
Chief Digital Officer Retail Storey

Our solution

Omnichannel Live Video and Chat Engine

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In what comes to Omnichannel, the reason Retail Storey applied Rocket.Chat the most was to enable interaction with customers to start their talk with, produce the customer record so that they knew what was being discussed (which also enabled them to build their database of users), tag, refer back, and see where the customer derives from.

In addition, the Rocket.Chat environment is installed in the Fabulor cloud. This cloud is GDPR compliant and runs on a server based in the UK. With Fabulor’s Rocket.Chat cloud Storey can provide a 24/7 service to its customers.

With this solution, their agents have, for example, the mission to decide the best action once a new call comes in. They can send the call to the server, they can do a live video call, can schedule a video call for a certain time in the future, and take many other actions.

Retail Storey has customer records being built on every time an interaction takes place. “That is, without a doubt, something their agents really liked.” explained Hayley

“We knew we didn't have resources and in-house expertise to build a complete and robust omnichannel live chat solution. Given the high degree of customization that we applied to the solution, having the close support from Fabulor, an official partner of Rocket.Chat, was also an important factor to the product's success."

Roberto Simi
Chief Digital Officer Retail Storey


97% Successful customer engagement

In less than ten weeks, Retail Storey was able to complete the first stage of its digital transformation process and create a new source of revenue in a context where the ability to make brand connections online has become imperative.

Even with the end of the social isolation, Retail Storey could keep its relevance to the group's business and now boasts 97% of successful customer engagement - an expressive result even if compared to face-to-face attendance experiences.

“Now, Retail Storey is ready to roll out this proposition to the rest of the world. Lots of brands need to really interact and connect with their potential customers. It is fabulous to see the product you want to buy almost live in this solution” says Diederick Splinter, CEO of Fabulor.

The digital transformation paved the way for winning large consumer electronic brands. All of whom saw an increase in customer satisfaction and online purchase rates.

"Storey's Online Personal Shoppers bring your expert level of product knowledge to life through video and chat," says Hayley