What we do

Fabulor streamlines real time communication and collaboration. In our solutions we put data privacy into every conversation and enable teams to collaborate seamlessly. We provide resale of licenses from Rocket.Chat and Nextcloud. We deliver consultancy and development services to install, integrate and customize the platforms. We host, support and maintain the platforms to deliver a 24x7 up and running communication and collaboration solution.

Fabulor team

Our values

Our company values are what support our mission statement and shape the culture of our organisation. In essence, they are in our DNA and they form the core foundation of our brand, our beliefs and our philosophy. This in turn provides both, the internal and external reasons to why you would want to work with Fabulor. We sum up our company values and our associated behaviours under four headings:


We have a strong work ethic, but believe that work should be fun and therefore, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. As a result we are at our happiest when our core skills and experience are valued by the people that surround us, which we believe encourages a healthy work-life balance.


In our opinion knowledge is key for people to grow, therefore we look at everything and ask why? Then, how can it be done better. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but we promise to find the best solutions and in doing so, yes we will make mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes, improve, and as a result we will all evolve.


Every team member cares about our company and our solutions. We’re all on a mission to show the world what we can do to delight our customer customers and employees.


We all come from diverse backgrounds and we let our company personality shine! At the end of the day, we’re dealing with people, and we want to add value to their lives and really want to be connected with eachother and with our customers to make them feel extra special.

How do we work

Whenever you start a new project with FABULOR we go through 3 important steps to offer you a tailored business solution adapted to your needs and budget.

Business Analysis and Optimization

We analyze the problem and the company work flow to find out what IT solution is best for your business

IT and Software Development

Based on the analysis of your business We present you and develop a solution based on a long life cycle.

Continued Support

We deploy, maintain, and stay with you adapting to your changing needs. As our client you get access to new features that we develop to make your business life easier.

Our market

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